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Our vision is to engage more students in chemistry using virtual reality. We believe that easily accessible smartphone apps and gamification are the means to motivate students to discover the fascinating world of atoms and molecules.

Chemistry is seen by many as a dull and dry subject, often because it is abstract and difficult to understand. As a consequence, we have witnessed a decline in chemistry university students. This is unfortunate since the world needs more chemists. Chemistry is everywhere; it not only makes people healthier and water cleaner, but it also makes countries richer.

To engage students and inspire further studies we gamify chemistry education by user-friendly smartphone apps for Google Cardboards and GearVR. With EduChem VR apps, teachers and students can enter virtual worlds of atoms and molecules to help understanding, while being amazed by the feeling of presence.

Virtual reality experiences can improve the understanding of abstract concepts like atoms and bonds, and it has been shown that when you put a person in a place, they are more likely to remember it. Virtual reality comes with a "wow!", and is ideal for educational purposes.

How it works

We make virtual reality apps to explain the shape and electrostatics of atoms and molecules. By using smartphones we believe we can reach anyone, anywhere.

Launch an EduChem VR app, place your smartphone in the Cardboard/GearVR and you are ready to enter a virtual world of atoms and molecules! So far three freemium apps "Learning Carbons VR", "Learning MacroMol VR" and "Learning StereoChem VR" are available on Google Play and AppStore. We do WebVR, and apps for GearVR is underway.

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Jonas Boström and Magnus Norrby founded EduChem VR the summer of 2016 in Sweden. Magnus Norrby is a professional software developer (in finance) and Jonas Boström is a professional molecular modeller, recently recognized on the top-100 powerlist of most influential people in pharma, with a track record of investigating molecular shapes and their characteristics.

Magnus and Jonas have a history of delivering powerful and user-friendly tools to enhance drug discovery. An example is the Oculus Rift based virtual reality molecular visualizer. H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf, the Crown Princess of Sweden, the Sports Minister of Chile, the Executive Vice President at AstraZeneca and the Head of Business Development at EA Sports have all experienced atoms and molecules using our previous virtual reality tool.

We now shift focus and turn towards tomorrow’s leaders - the school children across the globe - using new technology. Exciting!


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